Road repairs continue in Foley

Pecan Street repairs

FOLEY, Ala. (WALA) – Just a month ago, Pecan Street was a hollowed out pit that rendered part of the road useless. Now it’s been patched up to the point that it is drivable, a welcome site for residents like Katie Morris.


“If you live around here, you know this specific road. You know that this road is the road you take to cut everything in half. Between the traffic of 98 and the ambulances and firefighters and all the people that are busy,” Morris said.


“FEMA allowed us to come back and do a temporary fix on the thing. The pipes were realigned and then backfilled and then the city came back and put concrete and riprap on the banks,” Joe Bouzan, Foley’s emergency management coordinator, said.


And while traffic can flow today over the road, it’s how the water flows under the road that now needs to be addressed.


“We’re trying to get the design set up utilizing our engineers. They’ll give us a design, what we need to do for the hydraulics to cover the amount of water that’s coming through,” Bouzan said.


The water flows through three sets of box culverts starting at Highway 59 and flowing through to the three pipes that run under Pecan Street. And engineer said that the problem during the historic flooding in April was that the pipes couldn’t handle as much water as the box culverts.


Bouzan said box culverts will need to be added in place of the pipes to be better protest against another washout, which will cost an estimated $290,000.


And while Foley negotiates with FEMA as to who will pay for how much of the project, Morris and others are just glad to have their road back for now.


“It’s definitely a huge relief on all of us around here. I’ve talked to plenty of my friends back here who are like, thank God it’s open because now we can continue on our daily routine and life,” Morris said.


And they’ll have that, until the road work begins again.

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