New ‘Facebook Save’ Feature

Trying to keep up with everything that’s posted on Facebook can be very time-consuming. So the company is rolling out a new feature called “Facebook Save” that let’s you save all that content to check out at a later time. You can use the feature to save links, places, music, movies and TV shows that your friends are posting about. Everything you save will be added to a new section that can be accessed from the “more” tab on your mobile device. You can view the content on a desktop computer through a special link in the Facebook sidebar. The new feature is rolling out to all users over the next few days.

And, every month since it’s launch, the Xbox One gets a software update. Here’s what’s coming to the console in the August update: players will get low battery notifications on their screens before their controller dies. You’ll be able to buy games and apps through or Xbox SmartGlass, and the console will turn on, start the download, and turn back off when it’s done. Alerts and invites can be set to not appear while video is playing. And, your friends list will let you know when your buddies were last online, and what game they last played.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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