What’s Next for the I-10 Bridge?

ALDOT report One day after Congressman Bradley Byrne and Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson called for the release of the draft environmental impact statement on the I-10 bridge project, it was made public.

Vince Calametti from the Mobile Office of the Alabama Department of Transportation says the study is just one step in the attempt to reduce the volume of traffic through the Wallace Tunnel in downtown Mobile.

Planning for the future is part of this process. Keep in mind, the Wallace Tunnel was built to handle no more than than 50,000 vehicles a day. It started seeing that much traffic in 1990, 24 years ago. Calametti said this project will go a long way to alleviate the bottleneck at the tunnels:

“It would handle it quite well. It would eliminate some of the delays we have seen. We want the public to understand that not only is this a new crossing over the Mobile River, but it’s 2 additional lanes on the Bayway all the way to the Eastern Shore,” said Calametti.

It’s estimated the project could cost about $850 million with the federal and state government paying the tab.

FOX10 News anchor Bob Grip asked Calametti, “Is this the sort of project that could be built piecemeal, little by little, or does the whole thing have to be done?”. Calametti said, “Of course the crossing across the Mobile River would have to be completed in one project, but the Bayway could be done in multiple phases, and all that depends on how much funding is available.”

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