Waiting for answers in hit and run accident in Prichard

Thomas Hutt
Thomas Hutt

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A Semmes man remains hospitalized Monday morning after a hit and run accident in Prichard. His family members are still waiting for answers.

Family members say 69-year-Thomas Hutt is in serious condition at USA Medical Center. Hutt has been in the hospital since Friday afternoon, July 18.

Police said Hutt was just a few feet from the front door of the Cash Saver Grocery Store on Highway 45, when he was hit by a pick up truck.

Hutt’s daughter said witnesses told her that her father landed on the windshield then fell back onto the pavement.

That’s when she said, the driver ran over her father.

Sherry Hutt-McDade said she wants justice.

She said, “Who can do that? Please tell me who would do that to someone. I don’t understand how could you do that to someone? My dad’s in there fighting for his life. He did not deserve for this to happen. He’s got kids, he’s got grandkids. He’s got a family to come home to.”

Hutt-NcDade said police took two people into custody hours later, but police have not released details of any possible suspects.

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