Push intensifies for Mobile bike path

There’s a push to make sure that new proposed I-10 bridge over the Mobile River includes a bicycle path.bike 3

The Alabama Department of Transportation, or ALDOT, has been spearheading proposals for a new bridge.

But, some people have said they’d like to see an idea that wasn’t included by the state.


John Blanton, a member of a group called “Team Share The Road,” said, “Right now, there is no design in the ALDOT design for the bridge for a bike/pedestrian facility on the bridge.”

Blanton would like to see one.

“Team Share The Road” promotes safe access to streets, roads, and highways.

Blanton is hoping that people will attend scheduled public hearings on the new bridge to make sure a bike and pedestrian facility is added.

He said, “Let’s assume that the bridge is there for a hundred years. You can’t ride or walk through the tunnels. There’s no way to get to the Eastern Shore. So, we need to look to the future to have this considered to be a world-class city.”


Two Mobile City Council members are also making their feelings known on the issue.

Council Members Bess Rich and Levon Manzie are sponsoring a resolution at Tuesday’s City Council meeting to support bicycle and pedestrian facilities for a new bridge.

Blanton said a bike path on the bridge could link up with other bike paths in the area, including the Crepe Myrtle Trail near the Brookley Aeroplex, and even the Eastern Shore Trail in Baldwin County.

Blanton said, “You could really have a lot of mileage that people could exercise and get off the road and have family time and not feel threatened by the automobile.”


We went to the Crepe Myrtle Bike Trail looking for cyclists to ask about a bike trail for the new bridge.

We only found one cycling in this hot weather, and in a hurry to get going.

She said, “I think it’s a good idea. It would be an asset to Mobile, and a good support for tourism.”

Twenty organizations and businesses have signed a petition on “Change.org” calling for bicycle & pedestrian facilities on an I-10 Mobile River Bridge.
60-308 Support bicycle and pedestrian facilities for the I-10 Mobile River Bridge (sponsored by Council members Rich and Manzie).bike1 Push intensifies for Mobile bike path

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