FPD: Fairhope woman attacked by dog

fairhope dog


The following statement was issued by Fairhope Police.

On July 20, 2014, at approximately 12:04 p.m., the Fairhope Police Department responded to a report of dogs fighting in the 19000 Block of Quail Creek Drive.  The complainant stated that the family’s pet Doberman Pinscher was being attacked by a Pit Bull in her front yard and she could not separate the dogs.  In attempting to stop the fight, the owner was bitten on the hand.  Responding officers used a Taser to separate the dogs, at which point both dogs ran from the area.  Out of concern for the safety of the neighborhood, the Baldwin County “Reverse 911” system was utilized to send a recorded phone message to area residents, warning them that a potentially vicious dog was loose in the area.

Within an hour of warning residents, both the Doberman Pinscher and the Pit Bull were located and captured.  The Doberman was taken for veterinary treatment and the Pit Bull was taken to the Fairhope Animal Shelter for safekeeping.

Officers learned that the Doberman’s owners were “dog-sitting” the Pit Bull when the attack occurred.  The complainant stated that the dogs had not displayed any type of aversion toward each other prior to this and the cause of the attack is uncertain.  The Pit Bull’s owner informed officers that the dog was not known for aggressive behavior.  It is believed at this time that the owner was bitten by her own dog as she was attempting to separate the animals.

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