Orange Beach City Councilman Al Bradley passes away

Orange Beach City Councilman Al Bradley (Courtesy:
Orange Beach City Councilman Al Bradley (Courtesy:

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) – The flag in front of Orange Beach City Hall was lowered to half staff Friday and a black ribbon marked the door to signal the passing of Al Bradley.


“He was just a kind and generous friend, devoted to his beautiful wife, Linda, and his children and his grand-children and his family and his friends,” Annette Mitchell, a fellow member of the city finance committee, said.


Bradley served as a city council member since 2012, but gave much of his time to the city before he was elected.


“Al, as a volunteer, gave many, many hours of his private time and his expertise to help the city get through some difficult decisions, some difficult times as far as planning on how to use their money,” Police Chief Billy Wilkins said.


“In city circles, he was known as the ‘numbers guy.’ Everyone depended on his expertise in finance and real estate and development and he shared his time and talents generously with all of us,” Mitchell said.


“I miss Al as a sounding board. I mean I really needed him to go to when I got tunnel eyes and I needed somebody to say, ‘Hey, Tony, you’re wrong on this one.’ Al had no trouble telling me when I was wrong and I really appreciated that,” Mayor Tony Kennon said.


Beyond a strong work ethic and love for the city, folks with whom Fox10 New spoke said they’ll also miss his sense of humor.


“Many times, his humor diffused many tense situations. He was quick of wit, but always kind. He was a good man,” Mitchell said.


“Al had a very dry sense of humor and you never knew if he was going to cut you or not. He was the best. We’re going to miss him,” Kennon said.


A funeral date hasn’t been set for Bradley, but city officials said it will be either Friday or Saturday of next week.

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