Crooks find wallet, steal more than $1,000 in cash

John Stovall is out of $1,500 in cash after Mobile Police said two women stole the money from Stovall’s wallet. It’s money Stovall planned to spend on a vacation with his grandson next week.

“We were planning on going to Orange Beach to have a good time and we’ve got all kinds of things planned. Going to get on a boat and watch the dolphins,” Stovall said.

Tuesday July 15, Stovall said he stopped by the bank and got more than $1,000  in cash before heading to the new Academy on Airport Boulevard in West Mobile to pick up a few things for the vacation. When he came out of the store, Stovall said he accidently dropped his wallet but he didn’t realize it was gone until he got home. He said he rushed back to the store and began looking for his wallet when a man approached him.

“This gentlemen came walking around the car and said ‘are you looking for something?’ I said ‘yes sir’ and he just handed me the wallet. I said ‘that’s what I’m looking for right there!’ and when I felt it, I knew something was wrong then because I didn’t feel the money,” Stovall said.

Police said minuets after Stovall left the store, surveillance pictures show two women with kids pulled up in a silver car and spotted the wallet lying on the ground.

Investigators said the women got out of the car, picked up Stovall’s wallet and jumped up and down in excitement before taking all of his cash. Police said the women left the wallet behind and walked into the store. Now Stovall is out of $1,500.

“It’s a mess loosing that much money,” Stovall said. “I’m on disability and I can go out and make a little extra money here and there doing odds and ends but you count on your social security check and you’re limited,” he said.

Stovall said he still has some events planned for his grandson but he’s hoping someone will recognize the women and call police.

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