Big changes for the Mobile Planning Commission

Mobile, Ala. (WALA) Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced a shake-up in the Mobile planning commission. This 11-member board of volunteers oversees business development and urban growth in the city of Mobile.

Stimpson is replacing half of the committee’s members and said he wanted the committee to reflect his vision of the city’s future.

“If you look at these boards there has not been much change or turnover in some cases in the last 15, 20 years,” said Stimpson.

Some of the new members include: Shayla Beaco, Nick Amberger, Jennifer Denson, Allan Cameron and Elizabeth Latham.

Two longtime committee members, appointed in the late 90s, are out. Dr. Victoria Rivizzigno is one of them. She told FOX10 News she enjoyed her time on the commission and didn’t know Thursday’s meeting would be her last.

“I was shocked at how it was handled but I wasn’t too surprised. I know a new administration came in and perhaps he might want to put their stamp on the committee,” said Rivizzigno.

She was right.

“Some of them had been there a very long time, some of them we just felt like there was somebody we could appoint that could better fit the position,” said Stimpson.

One of the major projects before the commission was the question of building oil storage tanks north of downtown Mobile, and the multi-million dollar shopping center, McGowin Park, near Hank Aaron stadium.

FOX10 News asked Rivizzigno if she thought the transition would stall the major developments already in the works.

” They are not going to be working up to speed up but I’m sure the staff will be working with them and committee members who still remain will help them as well,” said Rivizzigno.

Stimpson’s administration says the new members will start training soon and will be ready to begin their duties at the next commission meeting in August.

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