BarkCam: Instagram for Dogs

Google is aiming to be the cybersecurity superheroes of the internet. In a new effort called Google Project Zero, a team of security researchers have made it their mission to track down security flaws in the world’s software. According to Wired, when Google researchers discover flaws in another company’s software, they’ll quietly alert that firm. If nothing gets done soon, they’ll go public with it on their blog. The team already spotted holes in Apple’s IOS device software and Microsoft’s malware protection program. The Project Zero name comes from the types of bugs they’re trying to eliminate.

Samsung is in talks to buy a smart-home company called SmartThings for around 200 million dollars. SmartThings connects your household electronics, lights and doorlocks to a system controlled by your smart phone. It also sends you notifications as people come and go. Similarly, Google has Nest, and Apple has HomeKit.

And, a new IOS app called BarkCam is designed to be the Instagram for dogs. It was created to make it easier to capture and enhance your doggy pictures. It automatically plays sounds that catch the attention of your pup and make them face the camera. Other features include filters and stickers you can put on your photos. It’s free, and lets you share your finished product across various other social networks. An Android app is planned to launch at the end of August.

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