Out of town volunteers help with Three Mile Creek cleanup


A big push is underway to clean up a waterway that once provided Mobile’s drinking water supply.

Mobile Baykeeper has been organizing regular volunteer cleanups of Three Mile Creek, and one took place Thursday.


More than a dozen volunteers converged on Three Mile Creek near Tricentennial Park Thursday morning.

Mobile Baykeeper targeted this area because organizers said they’ve recently noticed a lot of litter here.

Laura Byrne with Mobile Baykeeper said, “The issue with this is that it brings the trash all the way to Mobile River and all the way into Mobile Bay.”


Byrne said Three Mile Creek hasn’t gotten as much attention as Dog River when it comes to cleaning up trash, but that the waterway has enormous potential.

She said, “We’d love to see a recreational trail with people running and biking, and just enjoying it, and then, also, maybe eventually a kayak area, so people could go kayaking.”


Among the volunteers was a group of young people from Morningside Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.

Government Street Presbyterian Church here in Mobile invited them to the cleanup as part of an urban mission camp.

Doug Friesema with Government Street Presbyterian Church said, “We think it’s important because we believe God calls us to care for the Earth and protect the environment so all people can share it together.”

One of the vounteers from Atlanta, Cade Lawson, said, “We get this opportunity once a year to go into another community, and it’s always something that we enjoy.”


The work isn’t easy, but the church members know its important.

Zoe Bach said, “It’s nice to kind of humble out your experiences and see lots of things that need help.”

Lucky Grant said, “It’s really rewarding. You could be going to the pool with your friends, but you don’t get as much out of that experience as you would from this.”

Che Jern said, “Its definitely eye opening. You wouldn’t expect teenagers to help the environment.”

The next cleanup is scheduled for July 24.

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