Rescue group: More than 20 dogs saved

Twenty dogs and puppies are receiving medical treatments after a local rescue group, Krewe de Rescue, said the animals were neglected by their owner.

“I believe she (the owner) had more than 30 animals on the property. She had pins, outdoor pins there was no grass in those pins and the food was wet, it was not edible,” said Sharon Thompson who is caring for two rescued puppies.

Thompson said she went to the owner’s property in Theodore Tuesday, July 17 to help some animals with medical needs. But when she saw the animal’s health problems, Thompson said she took action.

“I found roughly 15 puppies that were sneezing, coughing, sick, emaciated (and) very underweight. Some of them were actually dying. They weren’t moving, they were very lethargic,” she said.

Thompson said she grabbed the animals that looked the worst and took them to the vet. She brought three puppies home but not all of them made it. One died the next morning.

The Krewe de rescue group said its saved more than 20 animals most of which are still at a vet.

”They’re sick, they’re, dying, they’re starving, that is a pathetic sight to see. It’s heart wrenching,” Thompson said.

The group is now looking for foster parents for the animals help nurse the dogs back to health.

If you’re interested in helping out financially or would like to foster one of the animals, click here.

You can also visit the group’s Facebook page, Krewe de Rescue.

Thompson said The Mobile County Animal Shelter has been notified of the animal’s previous living conditions. FOX10 News reached out to the shelter but we have not heard back.

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