Foul play suspected in 5-year-old’s death

GULFPORT, Miss. (WALA) Foul play is suspected in the death of a 5-year-old girl.

Family members say around 8 p.m Wednesday Janaya Thompson wandered off near her home in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Her body was found 12 hours later, in an abandoned trailer just minutes away from where she lived.

Police are not releasing any details about her murder. However, the crime scene is a very active crime with FBI and local law enforcement on scene.

Investigators have been in and out of this trailer all day, searching for clues.

Family members say they saw her right outside their apartment door…but almost in an instant she was gone.

While Thompson’s father waited for his daughter’s body to be brought out of the trailer, he talked about the last time she was seen.

“She was actually just two houses down from her mom’s house, and she said three minutes later she looked out the door and was nowhere to be found,” he said. “But my daughter is a really good person. She, she come, come on, thank y’all”

Emotions ran high at the crime scene and people wanted answers.

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