Alabama fields questions at SEC Media Days


HOOVER, Ala. (WALA) – The final day of SEC Media Days ended Thursday with the Alabama Crimson Tide rolling into Hoover. Nick Saban and select players fielded questions from the media. FOX10 Sports reporter Michael Brannon was in Hoover for all the talk.

What can you say? The media loves Nick Saban.

The head coach of the Crimson Tide made his way into the Hyatt Regency hotel in Hoover Thursday greeted by cameras flashing and capturing his every move.

Christion Jones, Amari Cooper, and Landon Collins also made their way into the crowd signing autographs and greeting fans.

Saban said Thursday, Crimson Tide fans are some of the best in all of college football.

“It is special. The passion that our fans have and the interest that they have in our program,” said Saban.

He was talking about people like Antony Hands. He flew all the way from Australia to see Saban and the boys.

“‘Cause I’m a crazy Alabama fan and this is the only way I get to meet him because I’m a wedding photographer and season is during our spring. So can’t get over here when the team is playing so, this is the only chance I had to meet him,” said Hands.

Other fans, just excited for the experience…like Dawson and Deacon. Brothers: One a Georgia fan. The other, bleeds Crimson.

The real reason why they were all there: to hear what Saban and company had to say about the upcoming season. Saban has two notable and profound changes ahead this year: the decision on who will replace AJ McCarron at quarterback…

“We want to see some quarterback on our team, which includes Blake Simms and all the other quarterbacks that we have that can go and play that position and play winning football at that position and utilize the talents of the other players we have on the offensive team…based on the judgement, the decisions that they make, the accuracy they can throw the ball with and the leadership they can provide so they can distribute the ball effectively to all the good players that we have,” said Saban.

“Right now we have about three or four quarterbacks that can help us win right now. The competition between two quarterbacks is probably not what we should say because we have we have about 4 guys working very hard to get a starting position,” said Jones.

And Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator.

“I think Coach kiffin has a great sense of what it’s like to be an offensive coordinator. In my opinion, I think an offensive coordinator should be a guy who gets the ball to his playmakers in space so they can makes plays. I think he does that pretty well,” said Cooper.

Alabama’s disappointing loss to Auburn in last year’s Iron Bowl was followed by another loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. A two-game losing streak – something the Tide is not used to seeing.

“We are dedicated to what we need to do and how we did it. We know how to win championships and we know what it takes to get there. So we are definitely hungry to be at that stand again,” said Collins.

“You know, you should never really look back unless you’re trying to learn from it. And I think that’s what we’ve done,” said Cooper.

Now, it’s all behind the Tide…and according to Saban, the Tide is changing.

“The emphasis for us is for our players to reestablish their identity,” said Saban. “For us to reestablish our identity as a team.”

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