Police: Man allegedly shoots neighbor in self defense

TURNERVILLE, Ala. (WALA) – Police say a man in Turnerville allegedly shot his neighbor after feeling threatened on his front porch.

At around 1 pm police responded to a call from Michael Glenn. Police say Glenn called them to explain that he had allegedly shot at his neighbor, Darrell Ellison twice and wasn’t sure if Ellison was hurt.

Police say that Glenn was sleeping in his home when he heard loud noises. Then they say Glenn stepped outside to check it out and saw Ellison walking up to the house and mumbling. Glenn told police that he asked Ellison to leave several times but Ellison wouldn’t listen. Police say that’s when Glenn felt threatened and allegedly fired two shots toward Ellison.

When police arrived they followed a blood trail to Ellison’s mobile home. Police say they found Ellison mumbling incoherently and believe that Ellison may have been on drugs. Ellison suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and is recovering at Spring Hill Medical Center.

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