Staff firing at Spring Hill College?

MOBILE, Ala. – FOX10 News continues to investigate possible firings at Spring Hill College.

One of our viewers alerted us to the situation. The viewer who contacted us through “report it” said the college may be doing a little house cleaning, by letting go of an entire department.

Spring Hill College is a beautiful campus sitting right in the heart of Mobile.

“We’re a big family on the hill as we call it,” Public Safety Director Todd Warren said.

But, according to a FOX10 News viewer the family may be a little smaller after the recent firing of the employees in one department.

The source says the Student Accounts Department was let go over a controversy involving students who were allowed to attend classes without paying tuition.

I asked Public Safety Director Todd Warren about that report.

“I really can’t tell you anything, because that would be a personnel issue and we don’t discuss personnel issues out in the public. And, I can’t really confirm or deny that report, and can’t go into it any further,” Warren said.

Warren called it a matter of privacy.

“Our personnel stuff is all protected under privacy of the employees,” he said.

Warren did tell us Student Accounts which is housed in the Administrative Building. is responsible for collecting all payments from students, including tuition, books, and other fees.

But what happens if a student doesn’t pay off a tuition balance before the end of the semester? Are they allowed to sign up for a new schedule of classes?

“Sometimes, and sometimes not. I mean probably not if you owe a large balance. You know the rule is no you wouldn’t be able to sign back up owing a balance,” Warren said.

Warren said there are about 13 hundred students enrolled at Spring Hill College. He didn’t give us much more details about the students accounts department, but Warren said the department has interaction with every one of those students.

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