Immigration crisis raises questions from parents

The recent surge of tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children crossing the border is putting the spotlight on immigration issues in the U.S

While law enforcement and law makers are trying to figure out what to do with the children, some of you are weighing in on the topic. Some parents want to ensure all students from out of the country are on track with their immunizations.

The Alabama State Department of Education says public schools don’t turn children away.

” We enroll all children, then we assess,” said Marylin Lewis, Alabama State Department of Education, Prevention and Support Services.

Lewis says if a child hasn’t had the shots required for school they will be asked to go to a doctor so they can update their shot records. Parents are asked to bring back a certification stating the process has begun. That process of getting a series of shots can take some time. And that has some of you concerned.

” I think you should have your paperwork and everything before they can be around the other classmates or be enrolled in school, said Ronda Kilborn.

Lewis says under state law some children don’t have to get immunizations at all.

” In some cases we do have students based on their parents belief, medical exemptions occur as well as religious exemptions,” said Lewis.

In those two situations they still have to go to the a doctor to receive an exemption note.

” I don’t think it’s fair to have other students that are not immunized. That could bring potential illness to the classroom,” said Vickie Daly.

Doctor’s say the best line of defense is to make sure your child is up to date.

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