Google’s Smart Contact Lens

Apple’s iWatch will sell for $300 when it hits the market later this year. The new gadget will pack more sensors and functions than other competing smart watches. Rumors about the device say its creation was influenced by the Magic Bands people wear at Walt Disney theme parks. Those bands let people buy food, souvenirs, unlock doors, and all kinds of other things. Apple is expected to sell more than 30 million iWatches in the first year after its launch.

Google has teamed up with a Swiss pharmaceutical company to create special smart contact lenses for diabetic patients. The lenses will analyze tear fluid in the eye and provide constant measurement of a person’s glucose levels. That information will be transmitted wirelessly to a mobile device so users can monitor their condition easily. The company is even considering implanting the lens directly into the eye. It could take a while to get FDA approval.

KIM-K_HOLLYWOOD2And, a new game for IOS and Android featuring a famous face is quickly climbing the charts in the app store. The game is called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. It’s an adventure game that lets players create their own celebrity and interact with the reality show star, her friends, and frenemies. It was released on June 25th and has become the third most popular free app in Apple’s app store. It’s in the top ten free games on Google Play.

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