Apple, IBM team up

It’s a partnership many people didn’t see coming, especially when you consider the now-famous Super Bowl commercial where Apple took shots at IBM products.  The two technology companies were once bitter rivals when they both made personal computers, but now they’re making nice

Apple and IBM announced a new business partnership that will see the two firms co-develop business-centric apps for iPhones and iPads.  One example, the pair discussed is a prototype app for the airline industry. Instead of current iPad deployments in the cockpit, which replace crew electronic flight bags, IBM will be integrating its networked solutions to offer more accurate fuel estimates for pilots on the ground, saving carriers money on a global scale.
About 100 different mobile apps have been talked about.  They are designed for a wide range of industries and expected to be released this fall.

Apple is looking to expand demand for its products in the business world, while IBM is going to get more of its software on more mobile devices.  IBM is also pledging to provide better security to reassure companies concerned about hackers stealing vital information off mobile devices.

The partnership underscores how technological upheaval can change allegiances.  It definitely seems to be a win-win for Apple and IBM, but the deal could make it nearly impossible for Blackberry to ever regain any sort of foothold in the corporate world.

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