Upset in Baldwin County Commission race


FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) – Change is coming for the Baldwin County Commission.

With just about 31 percent of the vote counted, Commissioner Bob James called challenger Chris Elliott to concede the race.

“It’s a new day in Baldwin County,” Elliott said. “This race itself will change the way the commission operates, it changes the makeup of the commission, and it changes how we commissioners get along. I think Commissioner Dorsey and Gruber are going to be very pleased tonight.”

Elliott said he won’t take office until November, but said that he would start sitting in on commission meetings in order to start getting up to speed on where things stand for the commission.

“Commissioner James is still a commissioner for a number more months and I will very respectful of that. He is elected to that position. But I will be there to learn and to listen to what’s going on and make sure we’re up to speed and ready to pull the trigger when it’s time to go.”

In another Baldwin County race, challenger Tony Myrick upset incumbent Elmer McDaniel in the District Three Baldwin County School Board race.

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