MPD: Shooting accidental, suspect charged with manslaughter


MOBILE, Ala. – Another young mother is dead. It’s is the third time this month that a young woman has been killed, allegedly by her boyfriend. But this case as you said is different. Investigators don’t believe it was an intentional shooting, and neither do some friends of both the victim and the suspect.

There a white tarp, and a piece of police tape in the yard on Cloverleaf Circle Tuesday where police were called to a shooting Monday night.

Neighbor Evelyn Williams was in bed when she heard a loud noise.

“I heard something shooting. That’s all I heard. I thought it was a firecracker. I went on back to sleep I said somebody shooting firecrackers this late,” Williams said.

Police found 19-year-old Selena Edwards with a single gunshot wound. A few hours later they arrested Edwards boyfriend, 24 year old Raphiel Quinnie. He’s charged with manslaughter.

“The victim was shot while the victim and the defendant were playing with and loading and unloading the weapon,” District Attorney Ashley Rich said.

Rich said investigators found no evidence of an intentional shooting.

“I knew her she was a good girl , they never had not conflicts or arguments on nothing,” a neighbor said.

A neighbor who said his name is Charles told Fox Ten News he knows both the victim and the suspect.

” He took the clip out was going to show her, and handed it to her and it went off. Things happen, things happen, and I know he wouldn’t hurt her for nothing in the world,” he said.

Neighbors tell Fox Ten News the couple had an infant daughter. Quinnie is also charged with receiving stolen property.

So far, we have been unable to determine if that charge involves the weapon in this case.

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