Police: Woman shot in rear while sleeping

Latiffany Beck said she was jolted awake Monday night when a bullet struck her in her rear. Beck said she fell asleep on her living room couch when a gunman drove by and fired nearly a dozen rounds into her home.

“We were on the couch someone came by shooting. We don’t know what happened. All I know is I woke up to gunfire and I was shot,” Beck said. “It sounded horrible and scary. It scared me straight up out of my sleep me and my husband.”

You can spot bullet holes scattered throughout the family’s home on the couch, television and walls.

Beck said her main concern is for her children who were home when the shooting happened.

“My 4-year old was lying on the couch four or five minutes before it happened and my 16-year old came and laid him down for me. Had he not laid him down, he probably would have been shot too because it was right here,” Beck explained.

Beck said she wants the criminal caught before someone else is hurt.

“Through the grace of God we’re here, we’re fine. I may have a little wound but I’m alive,” Beck said.

Mobile Police were questioning witnesses Tuesday afternoon. If you know who the shooter is, call Mobile Police.

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