Envision Virtual School starting in Mobile County

An innovative, online school is now being established by the Mobile County Public School System and registration for the Envision Virtual School is now open.

The school will serve grades 6 through 12, and will enroll 250 students. 

Online registration is available at http://www.mcpss.com. There are also several registration sessions and informational meetings for those interested in the program.

Registration sessions and informational meetings will be held in the MCPSS Central Office Professional Development Center – Cypress Auditorium as follows:

Wednesday, July 16, for prospective students in grades 6-8.

Thursday, July 17, for prospective students in grades 9-12.

Parents may arrive as early as 4 p.m. to register on computers that will be set up. Attendance is required at 4:30 p.m., when MCPSS officials will talk about the program.

The Envision school year begins August 7, 2014 and ends July 31, 2015

Requirements for students:

· Students must have a computer and internet access to apply for the school.

· Sports, music, band, homecoming dances, prom, etc., will not be offered. A graduation ceremony will be held for 12th grade students who meet graduation requirements.

· Students must complete at least 15 hours of work per week.

· Students may transfer out of the virtual school at the semester only.

· Students will complete all quarterly and high stakes assessments in the Division of Academic Affairs at the MCPSS District Office.

· All students residing in the Mobile County Public School System’s district may apply for entrance into Envision.

· Students with IEP’s will be individually considered for admission in an IEP meeting.

· Envision students must be highly motivated and responsible.

For more information on the Envision Virtual School click here.

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