Candidates say turnout light for Baldwin runoff

Baldwin County voters will decide Tuesday, July 15, 2014 who will represent them in the County Commission District 2 seat. Incumbent Commissioner, Bob James is in a runoff with political newcomer, Chris Elliott. Polls opened at 7:00 a.m. and both candidates hit the streets to try and garner some last minute votes.

Baldwin County businessman, Chris Elliott may be a newcomer to the political scene, but he’s been hard on the campaign trail for over a year to get his message out. As the hours wound down, Elliott began his day in Spanish Fort and worked this way south visiting supporters along the way. By mid-morning he was in Foley.

“The folks I see coming into the polls are folks that I know are supporting us. We have really met a lot of folks over the last 14 or 15 months here in Baldwin County and they have responded really well to our message of moving the county forward,” Elliot said.

District 2 incumbent, Bob James spent his morning beating the streets as well. James is finishing his first four year term in office and is confident in the support he saw at the polls. By mid-morning he was at the Daphne Civic Center, right in the heart of District 2.

“It’s a big race for me. i feel pretty good about who I see coming out to vote. A lot of people I know and have known me for a long time are coming out and showing their support,” James said.

Both candidates felt as though the voter turnout was on the light side through the morning. Those who did said they felt it was their duty as an American.

“I’ve had my tail shot at to defend this right and it’s foolish, it’s insulting for people not to support the constitutional rights that we have,” Bill Connors of Foley said.

“It’s always important to vote. It’s our right and priviledge and we need to do it every time we get an opportunity,” said Helen Stitt of Daphne.

Many voters also voiced their expectations from whoever their District 2 representative ends up being.

“I think effective leadership is the whole issue here…whether or not someone does what they say they’re going to do,” said Terry Cunningham of Foley.

“Lower taxes and less spending and less government,” was John Stitt’s response.

“Need somebody in there that will just represent the citizens and have an open door and listen to whatever issue may come up within the county,” added Jeremy Alford of Daphne.

With only 142 votes separating them in the primary, it’s sure to be a tight race to the finish to see who that person will be.

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