Thomasville City Schools hires Missy Nolen

Thomasville City Schools Superintendent Vic Adkison confirms former J.E. Turner Elementary School Principal Missy Nolen resigned as a principal with the Mobile County Public School System and will serve as the director of curriculum, instruction and technology for the Thomasville City School system.

Adkison said Nolen will interact with principals at Thomasville Schools and work directly with him. Anderson said Nolen was hired for a 12 month 240 day period. He said Nolen was in good standing with the Mobile County Public School System and he was looking for a strong innovative leader like Nolen.

Adkison said he received high recommendations about Nolen and was not aware of any controversy surrounding Nolen regarding J.E. Turner.

Turner teachers transferred

FOX10 News wanted to know more about the history of teacher transfers after more than half of the teachers at Turner were given mandatory transfers at the end of the 2014 school year.

We sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Mobile County Public School System June 16, 2014 asking for documents and information regarding the total number of mandatory and voluntary teacher transfers at each Mobile County Public School over the last five years. FOX10 News followed up several times, but a spokesperson with the school system left FOX10 News reporter Candace Murphy a voice mail last week that said quote:

“Freedom of Information, we have basically as much time as we need to get the information gathered and since we are starting school in three weeks from Monday I’m sure Bryan is extremely busy making sure all the teachers are placed so I can’t give you any kind of time as far as when you’ll get your results.”

Bryan Hack is the HR representative with the school system and confirms he has received FOX10’s requests.

Peek said she will check with Hack and have more information Tuesday, July 15.

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