Run-off will decide Baldwin Co. Commission District 2 seat

Poles open Tuesday, July 15, 2014 for State-wide runoff elections. Two candidates in
Baldwin County will be keeping a very close eye on those results. Baldwin County
Commission District 2 is up for grabs between political newcomer, Chris Elliott and
incumbent, Bob James.

The day before the election both candidates were very upbeat and confident. Both bill
themselves as conservative republicans and both are local businessmen. In the June
primary, only a little over twenty thousand voters cast their vote in the Baldwin County
Commission District 2 race. Of the three candidates, Chris Elliott and Bob James came out
on top with only 142 votes separating them.

James is just finishing his first term in office and Elliott is new to the political
landscape, but he said Baldwin County residents are ready for new leadership.

“I think that third candidate is not obviously a contender any more this being a runoff and
I think those votes that were there during the primary were no confidence votes for the
current commissioner. I think we’ll see those votes and I think we’ll see those come our
direction,” Elliott said.

Commissioner James dissagrees and expects those who had originally voted for Cody Phillips
to side with him.

“I don’t think so. You know, I think Cody Phillips ran a very good campaign. He’s
originally from Baldwin County and so a lot of people knew him and he comes from a very
large family so that’s not uncommon and I think with the fact that he came out and endorsed
me after a lot of consideration and due diligence…I think a lot of his voters will now
come over to me,” James countered.

As for the most pressing issues, both candidates agree. Addressing continued growth, being
fiscally responsible and operating with a level of transparency are on the forefront and
are all things James said he’s already been doing.

“My opponent has kind of really latched on to a lot of the issues…you know, transparency,
but I brought transparency and accountability and I brought accountability and
accountability means sometimes you have to say no and I’ve been very fiscally conservative
with the county’s money and will continue to do that…watch out for the taxpayers and what
their best interests are,” James said.

Elliott said even though the issues are much the same, it’s how those issues are dealt with
that will set him apart.

“It’s a difference in management style for one,” explained Elliott. “It’s being responsive
to our constituents…managing our employees a little bit better so that we don’t have the
turnover that we have now. Almost three in five employees have left since my opponent came
into office.”

James has the endorsement of Cody Phillips while Elliott has the support of the mayors of
Fairhope, Daphne and Spanish Fort. Poles open at 7 a.m. Tuesday in this county-wide
election so both candidates are hoping voters turn out from one end of the county to the

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