Recent murders put spotlight on domestic violence

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Two recent homicides in our area have put the spotlight on domestic violence. Fox Ten News spent some time with the newest advocate against domestic violence in Mobile. She’s the mother of one of the murder victims killed over the July 4th holiday weekend.
This grieving mother says she has a new mission, and it’s to try to save lives.

Davona Tinsley buried her daughter this weekend, and since the funeral she made a promise to her child’s memory.

“I looked at my daughters picture as a matter of fact yesterday or today, and I told her i said your death will not be in vain,” Tinsley said.

Early on the 4th of July, 26-year-old Satori Richardson was stabbed in her Navco Road apartment, which was then set on fire. Richardson’s boyfriend is awaiting extradition from Santa Rosa County, Florida to face a murder charge in the case.

Richardson was the first homicide this month attributed to domestic violence, but she wasn’t the last.

Police say 21-year-old Tylandria Rivers was shot in the head by her boyfriend on July 6. Investigators said the suspect then tried to make the crime look like a home invasion.

Ms Tinsley said there are far too many crimes involving domestic violence.

“It’s broad, and I didn’t realize it was so big. Every day all day someone is being abused. Domestic violence is occuring in homes, and everybody is being affected,” she said.

Fox Ten News took a close look at a one mile area including the Navco Road homicide and found there have been seven domestic violence assaults reported so far this month. So many assaults in such a small area could indicate a much bigger problem citywide.

In the past two weeks there were at least 100 assaults reported in the Mobile Police jurisdiction on StreetScan which monitors all crime throughout the city. Police are trying to determine for you how many of those reports were domestic related.

Tinsley said her daughter never told her about violence in her relationship. But she said Richardson told others. The mother said she understands as a friend a person may not want to break a confidence, but she said it could be the first, and possibly the last chance to save someone’s life.

“Just let someone know, because nine times out of ten the victim is crying out for help if they tell just one person,” she explained.

Tinsley plans to spread the word every chance she gets that there is help for women living with abuse.

“Because I don’t want no one to feel the pain that i’m feeling, and no child the feel the pain I know my grandchildren are feeling right now,” Tinsley said.

If you’re in abusive relationship you can contact Mobile Police, the Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office, and Penelope House.
Penelope House is a program and shelter for victims of domestic abuse both male and female.
You can call the Crisis Hotline at 342-8994.

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