Amazon Sued by the FTC

Amazon is getting serious about using drones for deliveries. It’s seeking permission from the government to expand testing on unmanned aircraft’s. The online retailer has asked the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct outdoor tests near its Seattle headquarters. Right now it can only experiment with drones on government testing sites. Amazon says its Prime Air service will deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. And one day, seeing Amazon drones will be as normal as seeing mail trucks. They hope to make drone delivery a reality by 2015.

And, Amazon is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission, because the FTC says the company illegally billed parents for millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app charges. The charges were made by children through mobile devices. The FTC wants the court to force Amazon to refund the money to those customers. In-app purchases usually involve virtual goods bought within an app like extra coins or energy in a game. Back in 2011, Amazon launched in-app purchases, and didn’t have password requirements. This allowed kids to buy items without restraint. Now, passwords are required.

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