Wings of Life reaches out to neighborhood

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A local neighborhood that’s been plagued by violence was targeted for a special outreach effort Saturday, July 12. The event was sponsored by the Wings Of Life in hopes of helping the community heal.

The Wings of Life and other outreach groups headed to Ridge Wood Acres on Dawes Road for a family friendly day of of fun.

“This event came about because of a Facebook post about shots in the neighborhood, and that’s what we want to do. We don’t believe it’s the government’s problem, it’s our problem as citizens. We’re just normal people, with normal jobs, but we believe in God,” Event Director Brandon Sanders said.

Sanders said people in the area may be living the same kind of life he once lived.

“God pulled me out of a crack house and saved me, brought me from a life of violence and crime. And I want to go tell other people there’s a way out,” he said.

Greg Burford came to minister to the community he used to visit for a different reason.

“I use to buy drugs in this trailer park, and I now I’m preaching hope instead of dope. God is awesome man. He changed my life, and I just want to see it change other people’s life, like he did mine,” Burford said.

The group brought free toys for the children, gift baskets and gift cards. There was also a food giveaway.

Marlo Heritage said her group Compassion For the Needy is all about giving.

“We try to provide hygiene products and cleaning supplies for people who in what ever way have come down on hard times. Whether losing a job, their home being on fire, or whatever situation arises,” Heritage said.

Some say the Wings of Life has already made a big impact on their lives.

“I was really bad on drugs but I’ll tell you what God did for me man. He filled me full of the holy ghost, and I don’t never want to touch another drug a day in my life, and I give all the respect to the wings of life man,” Brandon Lorge said.

“The Wings Of Life helped me out a lot in my life, because I had a lot of things that were wrong. And really just trying to change. It’s really not just through yourself it’s through God,” Dorian said

The group plans to visit Azalea Pointe with it’s outreach program Friday, July 18.

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