Blues bring friends, families back to the beach


The Blue Angels are reuniting families and friends on Pensacola Beach. Bill Adams is a Pensacola Native but went away to college in Georgia. The Blue Angels bring him home every year.

“I just always loved the blue angels always been been passionate about the military and what they do for us.”

Adams’ love for the blues and his college got the attention of a rival, turned friend, Randy Evans.

“About 10 some years ago I was down here by myself had a Tennessee hat on and they started setting this Georgia tent up and I said hey… I pointed to my hat and said move it down the beach. And we just laughed because he knew I was kidding so we’ve been friends ever since we meet every year,” said Evans.

The friends started a tradition and brought a few other folks, like Jane Ridell, along for the ride.

“It’s just getting started… I just told My friend Randy I must bring my children back next year because they would love it,” said Ridell.


The group enjoys a good rivalry, friendship, but most of all the world class naval aviators.

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