92-year-old crosses off bucket list with Blue Angels

At 92 years old, Helen Johnson is crossing off her bucket list. She joined thousands on the crowded Pensacola Beach Friday, June 11 to watch the Blue Angels soar in the sky.

“I want to be up there with them,” Johnson said

During her lifetime, Johnson said she’s had the opportunity to travel and she hasn’t lost her sense of adventure. In fact next week, she’s going to Biloxi to play the slots.

“I have a lot of items on my bucket list,” Johnson said

Surrounded by young people at the beach, Johnson said she wishes she could get closer to the water and put her toes in the sand.

“A little bit of me is envy I wish I wasn’t as old as I am and I guess a little bit of it is proud that I have manged this far.

Proud she made it out to the beach to watch a spectacular show with the Blue Angles twists and turns in the sky.



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