No jail time in road rage shooting

Ono Island resident, Steven Pinson will receive no jail time for what Orange Beach Police
called a “road rage” shooting in August of 2012. A Baldwin County judge ordered him to
serve probation instead and pay restitution. Pinson was convicted back in April of assault
second…a class “C” felony.

Steven Pinson was convicted of shooting a Tourist, Damon Hembree in the chest after the two
got into a heated exchange on Perdido Beach Boulevard. Originally charged with attempted
murder, the former game warden was surrounded by family and other supporters as Judge Jody
Bishop handed down the sentence.

In what they hope will be their last trip to a Baldwin County courtroom, Damon Hembree and
his family came one more time to see sentence passed on the man who shot him out of a
pickup window nearly two years ago. Prosecutors asked Hembree to testify one more time for
his cause.

“Mr. Hembrey still has some physical issues that he sufferes from. His children have
nightmares. It’s had a very emotional impact on the family obviously so I think that a
judge needs to hear that prior to passing sentence,” said Baldwin County Assistant DA,
ChaLea Tisdale.

The state asked that Pinson be sentenced to five years in prison. That didn’t happen.
Judge Jody Bishop sentenced Pinson to 10 years, suspended for three years formal probation
and other conditions. Pinson’s attorney said the sentence was fitting.

“I think the responsibility for what occurred that day is shared by both parties and I
think that’s what the judge felt was of some balancing act or factor to be considered in
imposing a sentence of probation,” said defense attorney, Timmy Spina.

“We would have liked to have seen some jail time of course. Mr. Hembrey would have liked a
bit of vendication in that way, but Mr. Pinson will be out and be able to pay restitution
so that will make a big difference,” Tisdale said.

Pinson’s restitution has yet to be determined. Along with his probation, Pinson is paying
$1,000 in fines, $250 to the victim’s compensation fund and will have to serve 250 hours
community service.

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