More iPhone 6 Rumors

The iPhone 6 rumors are flying again, and if they’re true, the new phone will be able to withstand a beating. Rumors are, the next iPhone screen will be made out of sapphire crystal and will be scratch-proof and unbreakable. A video making rounds on the internet shows a sapphire crystal screen withstanding some pretty serious scratches and stabs from a hunting knife and some keys. The phone is also rumored to be curved or flexible. Other reports say the next iphone will be a lightweight iPhone Air. We’ll have to wait until the expected release date in September to be sure.

And, just when we all thought we were done talking about the wildly popular game, Flappy Bird, a new game has popped up to be compared to it. It’s called “Let It Goat” and it features a goat named Mounty that you have to navigate over spikes and snakes by tapping your phone’s screen. It’s become very popular since its release on July 2nd. It’s already jumped to the top most downloaded free apps in the iTunes app store. You can also get it in the Google Play store.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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