Blue Angels fly again over Pensacola Beach

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) – The United States Navy precision flying squadron, the Blue Angels, will take to the skies once again this weekend in their hometown: Pensacola, Florida.

On Thursday, FOX10 News got up close to the planes – and pilots – on their perspective returning to the skies.

“Really something we look forward to and just we appreciate it. But for our home here in Pensacola, it makes it that much more special,” said Commander Tom Frosch.

Commander Tom Frosch flies Blue Angel #1. He’s the commanding officer of the fleet and said being a part of the United States Navy Blue Angels means more than words can say.

“It’s just about inspiration. I saw them as a kid and it inspired me,” he said. “And to be able to be back and do that and inspire people of all ages, I think it’s one of the best tools we have, not only in the military, but to inspire kids, for them to do what they want to do and to follow their dreams and set goals. That’s what it’s all about.”

The rumbling sounds from the F-18 jet engines over the water, has not been heard over Pensacola Beach for two years. In just two days, it will be heard once again.

Thousands are expected to pack the sandy white beaches lining the blue water to watch – the Blues – in the skies this weekend. It is the first time the Angels have flown over “the Cradle of Naval Aviation” since being grounded due to the sequestration last year.

“The town has just shown nothing but support for us last year. Every year they do that. Particularly last year with the challenges we faced and we’re just looking forward to getting back and being able to fly great show on the beach,” said Commander Frosch.

The Blue Angels’ energetic feeling is contagious. Folks on the beach watching Thursday’s practice show are ready for the real thing, come Saturday.

“One more coat of paint and I think they’ll crash. It means they’re close,” said one young fan.

“I’m coming, yes. I came in town to see them for that,” said a woman from Winter Haven, Florida.

“It’s good. We missed them last year. Instills dreams in little kids,” said retired Navy Commander Bob Brooks. He was watching the practice Thursday with his wife on the beach.

The Blue Angles practice again on Friday. It starts at noon. Saturday’s beach show begins at 2 pm.

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