Roadtrip apps: Take a trip

School won’t be back in session for at least another month. That’s plenty of time to take a summer road trip.  Great road trips are about seeing places you’ve never seen before. But it’s not always easy knowing where to go.

Whether you’re planning a coast-to-coast adventure or a multi-state mini trip, there are smart phone apps that will help answer those questions for you.
‘Along the Way‘ is one of those apps and it’s pretty easy to use.  Just tap in your start and end points and it will calculate the route.  The app lets you pick attractions like nightlife, food and recreation to tailor the stops you should make on the way to your destination.  It’s a $2.99 download on iOS phones.

There’s also Roadtrippers if you like planning your trips in more detail.  Like with Along the Way, you start by entering your start and end points.  The app calculates the route with points of interest, but it also includes reviews, websites and contact information.  Plus, if you tap the “Add to trip” button –you can mark a location as your favorite spot into your itinerary, so you can look it up the next time you’re traveling.  The app is free for Android and Apple devices.

What’s a road trip without stops at quirky attractions along the way?  Roadside America‘s app uses your phones GPS to find those nearby statues, museums, and other gems that are off the beaten path. It’s organized by state, city and category.  It also has extras, like a sunset alert to help you find that perfect location to snap great photos at the end of the day.  Roadside America is available for iPhone for $2.99 and includes access to one of seven North America regions. Pay $5.99 to unlock all regions and more than 7,000 attraction listings.

Just be sure to keep in mind any texting and driving laws. It might be better to let your passenger browse through the locations so you stay focused on the road.

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