Vaping ordinance gets makeover

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – A city committee met Wednesday night to rewrite an e-cigarette vaping ban ordinance.

The City of Daphne has been looking to restrict the use of e-cigarettes, or “vaping” as it’s called, after receiving a number of complaints from residents.

“I think people that aren’t aware of what it is, or what it isn’t, there’s just a little fear, so I think the public has not been educated on the pros and cons, and I’m not sure we know all the science yet, but, we feel it’s an appropriate measure to do what we’re looking at,” said Daphne City Councilman Ron Scott.

Originally the City of Daphne was going to equate vaping with tobacco cigarette smoking, which would ban vaping in all city parks, buildings, cars, and 20 feet from any city building.

But , Daphne’s Ordinance Committee met to change that, thus recognizing that e-cigarettes are a much different device.

So now, the ordinance is only banning vaping inside city facilities and in park seating areas, like a ball park.

An e-cigarette is a non-tobacco device that delivers nicotine through a liquid that’s heated into a vapor.


Zack Carpenter, with Cyclops Vapor, showed up to the Wednesday night meeting to give the ordinance committee his input on the safety of e-cigarettes. He manufactures the liquid that goes in to the e-cigarette to be smoked, and he says he’s glad the city is rewriting the ordinance.

“It’s a way better alternative to what we previously had,” said Carpenter.

The committee is still deciding how far from a building a person can smoke an e-cigarette, and how the city’s handbook will have to be rewritten to go along with the ordinance.

The big issue still left standing however, is whether or not city workers can vape in city cars, like a police officer vaping while on patrol for long periods of time.

Those issues will be discussed with other city department heads.

FOX10 spoke with some vaping enthusiasts on the Eastern Shore, who told us they don’t see an issue with vaping in public.

“It’s the flavoring that you have in them is what you’ll smell, and it disappears within just a few seconds,” said Tisha Conklen, who smokes e-cigarettes.

She said it doesn’t leave the smoky stench like a regular cigarette would.

“It makes your clothes smell better, it makes the person smell better, your car, your house, just smells totally better,” she said.

The city council will have this rewritten ordinance on the agenda at the city council meeting on August 4, where the public will have a chance to come out and voice their opinions to the council.

Then the council will vote on the ordinance August 18.

If put into effect, a person would face a $50 fine plus court costs if caught vaping in a restricted area.

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