Save yourself from the heat!

Our bodies naturally cool themselves by sweating, but when temperatures start hitting temperatures in the 80’s and higher, sweating isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s tough to tell when you’ve reached that point. Maybe you’re almost finished mowing your lawn, or you just want to want to run one more block to prepare for that 5K. Joe Roesler from OSHA tells Cherish Lombard there’s an app for that! OSHA has created an app that puts the dangers of heat related illness at our fingertips! It includes information about how to prevent heat related illness and how to tell when your body’s had enough. 

It’s important to know the signs of heat-related illness. Acting quickly can prevent more serious medical conditions and may even save lives.

*Heat Stroke is the most serious heat-related illness and requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include: confusion, fainting, seizures, very high body temperature and hot, dry skin or profuse sweating. Call 911 if you see someone showing signs of heat stroke.

*Heat Exhaustion is also a serious illness. Symptoms include: headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, thirst and heavy sweating.

*Heat fatigue and heat rash are less serious, but they are still signs of too much heat exposure.

Download the OSHA Heat App on your iPhone or Android to get the NOAA Heat Index and reminders of precautions to take based on your location. Visit for training and other educational resources.

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