Parents call bond in credit card fraud “outrageous”

MOBILE, Ala. – Ricky Glenn was back before a circuit court judge Wednesday morning, July 9 for the second time this week. Glenn was scheduled for a preliminary hearing on a theft charge involving a vehicle.

Prosecutors said the theft happened prior to the credit card thefts that total more than $40,000.

Kennedy’s defense lawyer, asked for a bond on the auto theft charge.

“The judge denied it today, but hopefully we’ll be able to get it set on Aug 7th or after that.” the lawyer said.

Yesterday, the judge did set a three thousand dollar bond for each of the 40 credit card fraud charges.

“It’s just outrageous for the judge to set my son bond for three thousand dollar for each charge. That ain’t right.,” father Ricky Glenn Sr. said.

Ricky Glenn Senior says his son could not be responsible for all the charges he’s accused of making.

“My son been locked up. Ain’t no way in the world my son ran up 40 some thousand dollars in three days. Now he locked up and the card still running up? They steady throwing charges, he got 40 charges against him right now,” the father said.

Police said Glenn took cash from people in exchange for gas, which Glenn allegedly paid for by swiping the Food Banks credit card. He worked as a driver for the summer lunch program for the Food Bank.

“I figured it was mine, so…I just used my card. I didn’t know there was any money being involved or any of that. The money I got I worked for,” Glenn Jr. said following his arrest earlier this month.

Tiffany Jackson helped her son get the job. She said he’s is mentally challenged.

“In his head he’s not able to respond and not know what’s going on with the credit card, so he thought it was his, and he could use it whatever like that.: But at the same time like I said he got locked up and it got out his hand. That’s when it been used all these 48 thousand dollars and no one man can’t do that,” Jackson said.

Glenn and his mother both worked as drivers for the Food Bank. The mom has never been charged with a crime, but now she’s out of a job too.

“Well, they haven’t let me came back. They say they replaced my thing with someone else. They didn’t say they fired me, but it’s just like being fired,” Jackson said.

The credit card theft charges, and the auto theft case are all set for a Preliminary Hearing on August 7th.

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