One hospitalized after flames engulf home


Mobile Fire-Rescue Department responded to a fire Wednesday night on Clark Street in Midtown Mobile.

District Chief Frank Byrd told FOX10 News the fire department received a report of a woman inside the burning building as it was arriving to the scene.

When the fire department arrived, firefighters did a sweep inside the house to make sure no one else was inside.

“On arrival, we did find the smoke showing from the structure and there was a patient that was ready out. The neighbors next door had gotten the lady out. The lady was unconscious but appeared to be breathing. She was rapidly transported to USA, from there I don’t know her state from that point. We had the fire put out very quickly, looked like it was confined to a small room in the back of the house.”

Chief Byrd said the real hero is the next door neighbor Dominique Davis. He pulled the woman from the burning home.

“Basically I just started panicking…I ran outside. I tried to kick her front door in but I guess it had the dead bolt on. So I ran across the street and got help. They came out and I went through the back door and tried to get in and I couldn’t get in. So I went through the front and got to the side door on the side and then kicked it in. She was laying on the kitchen floor. I ran in there and got her, brought her out and set her on the ground and she was gasping for air. It’s real, man. God ain’t want me to think. I guess He just wanted me to go in there and get her and that’s what I did,” said Davis.

FOX10 News will keep you posted on the condition of the victim and how the fire started.

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