Microsoft Offers Some Gamers $75 Credit

If you have an XBox 360, and you’ve been considering upgrading to an XBox One, Microsoft could help you make the switch. The company is running a new promotion that gives a $75 dollar credit to what it calls its very best customers. To find out if you qualify, turn on your XBox 360, and make sure its connected to XBox Live. If you’ve been selected, you can order an XBox One from any retailer, and Microsoft will credit your XBox account with $75 as long as you redeem your voucher code by October 15th.

Sears and Kmart are expanding their free store pick up program for orders placed online. So if you place your order at, you can pick it up at a physical Kmart store, and vice versa.

And, Youtube has announced that its working with Music Vault, which hosts live music videos, to bring 12 thousand concert clips to Youtube users. These videos will cater to most all types of music lovers, from classical to classic rock. The collection includes 50 years of music from artists like Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and James Brown. The new videos brings the site to more than 13 thousand concert videos.

That’s your Daily Tech.

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