Huge Cubera Snapper caught off Dauphin island


A possible record Cubera Snapper was reported off Dauphin Island on Tuesday, July 9. FOX10 News Chief Meteorologist Jason Smith says the fish was caught by Brett Rutledge and weighed 84.9 lbs.

Rutledge told FOX10’s Jason Smith, he was fishing with a live hardtail, on a free line set to target other species like King Mackeral. He said he thought it might have been a big Amberjack at first, but was surprised to see a Cubera on the end of his line as he brought it to the boat.

Rutledge says he was approximately 50 miles out off Dauphin island.

According to Jason Smith, the old record was 52 lbs caught in 1988 by Michael Crawley from Bayou La Batre, Alabama. The Florida record is 116 lbs, so these fish can certainly get big, Jason Smith says. However, they are fairly uncommon in the northern Gulf.

The record is pending upon review by the Alabama Department of Marine Resources.


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