Serda’s to open new brewery in Downtown Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – There will soon be a new place in Mobile to get your hands on fresh brewed beer.

Curiosity peaked?

Many Mobilians know Serda’s Coffee Company for its…coffee. But now, owner John Serda is wanting to take his bar side of the company to a whole new level: Serda Brewing Company.

The location: Downtown Mobile – just down Royal Street from his coffee shop at the old Rousso’s. On Tuesday, FOX10 News got an exclusive look inside the once popular establishment – now a vacant building, awaiting a makeover.

“Beer has always been a passion of mine,” said Serda.

He said it is an entirely brand new adventure…and much different from the coffee business he has been in since 2008.

“The beer business – I didn’t expect it to happen the way it has. But the opportunity came about and I jumped on board. Absolutely. I love beer and it’s something I’ve always wanted to be a part of and now I have an opportunity to do it,” he said.

The inside of his new brewery needs some work. After all, its been vacant for 10 years. The 15,400 square foot building is nearly six times the size of his current coffee shop on Royal Street.

“We have plenty of room. That’s the good thing about this building. We have at least 10 to 15 years of expansion capability in this building,” he said.

The ambiance, Serda said will be highlighting the Gulf Coast – complete with a gift shop and a restaurant area.

“When they walk in this building, they’re not going to know they’re in mobile. That’s our whole plan. We want to wow them with our presentation of everything here,” he said.

As for the beer, everything from the fermentation to the final packaging will take place at the building – a place Serda hopes will expand into a regional brewing company.

You’re probably wondering: “When can I enjoy this new brew?”

“Hopefully on February 12 which is my birthday. I want a really good birthday party February 12, 2015,” said Serda.

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