New plan to cut the grass more often in Mobile

Mobile city council
File photo

Mobile’s mayor said he’s looking at a plan to get the grass cut more often on city property.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson said he wants to outsource mowing work along 18 of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, and ditches, to get the work done faster.

City workers would take care of the other areas.

Stimpson said, “We’ve asked them to develop the plan and come back to us to tell us, how we’re going to cut the grass every seven days on the streets, and, how we’re going to cut it in the ditches every thirty days. That is the hope for. That’s where we’re headed. I can’t snap my fingers and say ‘It’s going to happen tomorrow,’ but, that’s where we’re headed.

The proposal is expected to formally come before the Mobile City Council within a couple of weeks.

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