Store Manager: Suspect “freaked”

Exxon station gulf breeze

GULF BREEZE, FL. – (WALA) We’re learning new details about what led to the arrest of a Mobile murder suspect in Florida just hours after his girlfriend was stabbed and her apartment set on fire on Navco Road Friday.

Jamal Jackson remained in the Santa Rosa County Jail Tuesday awaiting extradition to Mobile to face a murder charge. If it had not been for a store clerk in Gulf Breeze who became suspicious of a man who came into the store early on July 4th, Jackson might not be in custody. Fox Ten News also obtained some of the dam-cam video of the actual arrest.

Police said Jamal Jackson turned up at the Exxon Station on Gulf Breeze Highway in Florida just a couple of hours after his girlfriend was found stabbed in her burning apartment on Navco Road early Friday.

“My clerk said that there was something about the guy, all the hairs on the back of his neck went crazy. Just the way the guy walked in,” the store manager said.

Store manager James Campbell said the man went into the restroom.

“He came in nosing around went to the bathroom for about 15 minutes, that’s when he called the cops,” Campbell said.

Campbell says the officer tried to question Jackson.

“He freaked, and when he freaked out that’s when it went downhill from there,” he said.

When the officer tried to talk to Jackson, he drove his car over a concrete barrier in front of the store, hit a concrete post, then backed over the barrier again and hit a light pole, which was still leaning Tuesday.

Police said Jackson sped off eastbound in the westbound lane of traffic. Officers followed but backed off the chase for fear someone might get hurt.

Jackson ended up crashing into a tree in front of Gulf Breeze Hospital.

When officers finally caught up to Jackson he was still in the vehicle. One clip from the dash cam showed an officer approaching with his weapon drawn. When Jackson refused to get out of the car he was tazed, and pulled from his vehicle. Up until that point police weren’t sure what kind of situation they were dealing with.

“Cause he also had blood on his shoes apparently, according to the cops,” Campbell said.

It was the dried blood that made Gulf Breeze police really suspicious. They contacted Mobile P.D. and learned Jackson was a suspect in the murder of 26 year old Satori Richardson.

“The cop was just going to talk to him, and say look what’s going on? Can you kind of clean up and leave? That’s all he wanted to do, he wanted to talk to him and say leave, that’s it.”

If jackson had not “freaked” as the store manager said. The officer may have questioned him, and possibly sent him on his way.

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