Domestics, drugs leading cause of Mobile murders

There’s no question that violent crime has gotten a lot of attention in 2014 and homicide in particular. But how many murders have there been in the Mobile police jurisdiction, and where are they taking place?  We crunched some numbers to find out.

As of July 7, we counted 19 homicides in the areas patrolled by Mobile Police, most of those involving guns.

To break it down even more, many of the murders involved domestic disputes; 4 were tied to drug activity.

When the spread of the synthetic poison spice began, we began to see many of the attacks in an area from midtown Mobile on the east to the Beltline on the west.  Downtown was relatively safe. But earlier in 2014, West Mobile wasn’t safe either. That’s where many of the domestic disputes took place.

Out of the 19 homicides, 5 remain unsolved Including:

  • the attack that killed Eric Davis at the intersection of Old Shell Road and Sage, the death of Tremayne Thomas on Jones Avenue,
  • George Williams and Clifford West on Next Street
  • and Keres Holloway at the Wingate Hotel.

The oldest murder victim so far in 2014 in Mobile was 56-year-old Kenneth Bell on Murray Hill Court; the youngest, 23-month-old Christian Henderson, who died from blunt force trauma.

While Mobile reported 19 homicides by early July 2014, Pensacola Police reported none.

View the full list of homicides in Mobile County below:

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