Summertime learning

GULF COAST (WALA) The lazy days of summer are here!  No school bells to worry about for the next few weeks!

While we all enjoy the break from the classroom and the busy school-time routine, experts say it is a good idea to keep the learning going.

Studies show that students can actually forget some of the things they learned during the school year during the summer break.  That could mean they may come back in the fall and be behind.

To avoid learning loss, it’s a good idea to put together a little summertime study plan.  It doesn’t have to be anything too structures.  It just has to make sure students keep their brains going.

Helen Miles with the Mobile County Public Schools says “We all know that our students lag behind over the summer.  It’s called the summer learning loss.  And, with that, we try to encourage them to read and work on their math during the summer.  because in order for them to be successful next year, those concepts have to be retained.  so, it’s very important for them to keep working.”

Many teachers and schools put together summer study guides to give parents an idea of things to focus on during the summer break.

Helen says you can also look specifically at your own child to put together a summer learning plan.  Some questions to ask while putting together a plan include are there some things your student struggle with during the year?  Or are there some things they really enjoyed?  Those can be the focus and make it fun.

Let your little ones, or big ones as the case may be, pick out their own library books to read.

Take some educational field trips.  If you read a book about the beach, for example take a day trip to the beach.

The goal is to keep your children’s brains working so they don’t fall behind come the beginning of the school year.

If you’re not sure where to start, your child’s school or your local library are full of ideas for summer learning. You will also find a list of websites below.  Some can even help you figure out what level your kids are reading.

All websites are free – can use free trials during the summer

Alabama State Department of Education

Find A Book – get book at right reading level

BrainPOP – subjects including science, social studies, english, math, engineering and tech, health, arts and music

Big Universe – eBook Library

Discovery Education – offers family resources including Homework Help, Motivation Station, WebMATH

Brainingcamp – interactive math content

IXL – math, language arts

Khan Academy – is free, but do have to register/set up account – printable math worksheets, interactive zone, math tools

LearnZillion – must create free account

eSchool News  – daily Tech News and Innovation – articles and information for parents, resource centers

Learning Upgrade – interactive learning – songs, videos and games *sign up for free trial

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