Man arrested 4 times in 11 days

WEST MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) Mobile Police arrested a west Mobile man after police say he burglarized a home while someone was inside and afterward, tried to elude police.

Steve Allen, 52, was arrested Sunday, July 6, on charges of domestic violence, attempting to elude police and burglary. It was the fifth time he has been arrested this year and the fourth in just eleven days.

“He is very patient. He loves to help people. If someone is down, he’ll try to help them,” said Jerrie Allen, Steven’s mother.

Jerrie, and her husband George, say their son Steve has always been there for them. But until recently, they say something has changed.

“Somehow or another, something has happened in his mental part of his body that caused him to do all this. It’s not the Steven we raised,” said George.

Steve lived with his parents since 2007 off Watermain Road in West Mobile.

Residents who live there say it is a quiet place to live and that type of activity does not happen often. But on Sunday, Allen exited his home and went right next door to Shelley Joyner’s house where he then beat on the door.

“I was just relaxing and it was just “bang, bang, bang, bang,” on the front door. It was screaming. It was like: “Shelley, Shelley! Help me, help me,’ said Shelley.

Shelley told FOX10 News she knew Steve and was shocked when he acted erratically on Sunday.

“As soon as I went to unlock the door, he just charged in, pushed me down, and pushed the door and everything. Of course, I’m yelling at him. I grabbed the dog and the kids and shoved them out the back door and realized the police officer was standing there,” said Shelley.

Shelley said Steve told her he was running from the police.

“He’s never disrespected me or Nicholas or my children. He’s always been real friendly to us. I mean it really just frightened my children. He has been doing some things to the other neighbors. We’ve actually had neighbors move out because of him,” said Shelley.

Since January, Allen has been arrested on charges of public intoxication, harassment, disorderly conduct, and even indecent exposure in the neighborhood.

Steve’s parents tell FOX10 News they are going to do whatever it takes to help their son. In the meantime, the landlord has given them until August 1 to move out of their home because of the trouble their son has allegedly caused.

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