Eight apartments damaged in Maison de Ville fire

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Investigators have confirmed that the Sunday night fire at the Maison de Ville apartment complex was started by a grill on a second floor balcony. Eight apartments in total were damaged, displacing several residents.  The fire department told us there are over 90 thousand dollars in damage to the building.

Aimee Rester was sleeping when the fire started in the apartment above her. She heard screaming and running so she called 911. Then she saw the smoke.

“When I looked out the window and realized there was smoke coming out, I got my stuff and got out,” Resters said.

Resters lived in one of the seven surrounding apartments that were damaged. She has been sleeping over at a friend’s home. Many of her things are ruined or need to be restored.

Mobile Fire and Rescue Department’s Public Information Officer, Steve Huffman told us that Rester’s story is not uncommon and that fires happen more frequently in apartments than in houses.  He recommends renters insurance.

“It just makes good sense. If your stuff burns up it’s not the complex’s responsibility. They’re not going to replace it.”

Aimee Rester’s insurance will only cover up to 10 thousand dollars of personal damage, but she says she is lucky.

“It’s just stuff. Everybody got out alive. That’s what’s important.”

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