Congressman Byrne hosts Perdido Beach town hall meeting

United States Congressman, Bradley Byrne had one last stop while home over the holiday
before heading back to Washington. He hosted a town hall meeting at Perdido Beach in
Baldwin County Monday, July 7, 2014.

It was Byrne’s last public or “town hall” meeting before the next congressional session
gets underway Tuesday. Dozens packed into the Perdido Beach Volunteer Fire Station to hear
what he had to say. Many had questions themselves. Byrne has done several of these
meetings throughout south Alabama and he keeps hearing a common thread.

“I keep hearing that people think the President has gone too far…that no omne’s giving
him appropriate constitutional restrictions and they want people to stand up and say Mr’
President, we respect yoou, but you’ve gone too far,” Byrne said.

Popular topics around the room ranged from the economy to healthcare, particularly where it
comes to veterans’ healthcare treatment. One thing that seemed to be on everyone’s mind
was immigration and enforcing immigration laws. That’s one of several issues Byrne said he
would like to empower individual states to handle.

“There’s questions as to how far that law can go. Let’s take those questions out. Let’s
let the state and local law enforcement do what they need to do to make sure we’re
enforcing all the laws of the United States of America including immigration laws,” Byrne

Overall it was a friendly and welcoming crowd and residents were pleased with what Byrne
hopes to accomplish in Washington. But, not everyone was pleased. There just wasn’t
enough time in the one hour meeting to get to some topics.

“We didn’t talk about the taxes we need to be putting on the rich like the oil companies
and things like that,” said Owen Faust. “We didn’t talk about the Affordable Care Act and
the way that it tells people exactly what it is. It has saved me and my family over $1,200
a year.”

Thanks to the residents of Perdido Beach, Byrne will be heading to Washington D.C. with
plenty of food for thought. The session starts Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

One Bill of local interest that Byrne is introducing is a revission of the Magnoson-Stevens
Act. If passed, it would extend Alabama state waters out to nine miles and would put
control of the red snapper fishery in the hands of the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Council.
That would be some good news for Alabama’s red snapper fishermen.

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