City council discusses new I-10 interchange, passes Gator Alley repair plans

DAPHNE, Ala. (WALA) – A city council meeting held Monday night, July 7, discussed a number of hot button issues for the largest municipality in Baldwin County.

Some of the important topics on the agenda for discussion included the construction of a new I-10 interchange with County Road 13, which currently dead ends at Highway 90, and the approval to move forward with plans to repair the D’Olive Pedestrian Bridge at Gator Alley, which was also damaged in the April storms.

After the pedestrian bridge over the creek was destroyed in April’s record rainstorms, the City of Daphne finally voted Monday night to have it repaired.

Daphne will be reimbursed for 75% of the cost of repairs for the pedestrian bridge by FEMA.

City officials feel it is important to repair the bridge after hearing a number of comments from the public requesting it be rebuilt so they could watch the gators a Gator Alley once again.

The resolution was passed unanimously, and Dane Haygood, Mayor of Daphne, said he hopes to have the project completed by the end of July.

Another important resolution that also passed unanimously was the request for the city to investigate the possibility of a new I-10 interchange with County Road 13.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) headed the request.

Some city council members want the interchange as long as there is no service road, as they feel a service road would adversely impact the city.

Something that was supposed to be voted on Monday night, was the replacement of one Daphne Police car that was flooded out in the historic April rainstorms. That ordinance will now go to a second read before it will be officially voted on in the next City Council meeting.

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